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RankBrain measures Dwell Time and Bounce Rates

Dwell time is how long a user stays on your site after clicking through from a search result.  Reducing Bounce Rate and Increasing Dwell Time is Vital to winning.

Is Dwell Time Really Measured by RankBrain?


Google is interested in promoting high-value sites in their search results. The more time a user spends on your site, the higher the perceived value. The Dwell Time of that user on your site is used to determine how high it is placed in search results for a search term.  Since RankBrain is powered by AI, the search rankings can dynamically change based on dynamic measurements - including Dwell Time.

It is critical that you reduce the Bounce Rate and increase the Dwell time for your site visitors.


1. Put content high on the page.

Some call this area 'Above the Fold'.  Visitors need the answer to their search question FAST.  They do not want to waste time by scrolling down to read your answer.  Grab your visitors attention early with clear statements - placed above the fold.

2. Write long, informative Content.

Well written content that keeps the reader....reading = increased Dwell Time.  Take time to plan, write, edit and publish highly informative content which is relevant to the search term topic.

3. Write concise introductions.

Your topic introduction is arguably more important than the conent. This is where you have sub 3 seconds to grab the readers attention. So take time and energy here.  If well written the visitor will read on and drive up Dwell Time.

4. Group content into small chunks.

Long paragraphs are hard to read.  Use topical subheadings ahead of short paragraphs that progress through the problem resolution. Number them if needed. This way a user can scan to the area they are interested in - keeping them engaged.