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Kinetic Rain Sculpture Visually Represents Online Communities

The [Insane] video which appears on our website top banner depicts a [crazy] very real sculpture, titled 'Kinetic Rain', located in Singapore's Changi Airport Terminal 1 visually represents the dynamics of an effective online community.

Kinetic Rain is the World's largest kinetic art sculpture*

Made of 1,216 bronze droplets, the two Kinetic Rain sculptures in Terminal 1 are the latest addition to Changi Airport’s collection of art installations and displays. Measuring 9.8 meters by 4 meters, each sculpture can form 16 different shapes ranging from abstract art forms to recognizable patterns including an airplane, a hot air balloon, a kite and even a dragon. The design element in each shape shows the movement of flight through slow, fluid movements. 

Each droplet weighs 180 grams and is made of lightweight aluminum with a hollow center. The droplets are specially coated with polished copper to prevent the surface from oxidization or rust. Depending on the shape of the art form, the droplets travel a maximum distance of 7.3 meters from the ceiling to the lowest point of the pattern. 

Designers of the Kinetic Rain created 3-dimensional models and animated them by hand. After the suite of patterns is formalized, they are fed into a computer programme which controls the motors maneuvering the droplets. Each droplet is connected to a motor which is housed in the ceiling of the Departure Hall. The motors contain a high precision rotary encoder which keeps track of the exact position of the droplet. 

The Kinetic Rain sculpture was created over a span of 20 months. From the onset of the project, artists, programmers, and technologists came together to analyze the space available and came out with a solution to develop an artwork that enhances the identity of Changi’s new Terminal 1.

Kajoomla chose to feature Kinetic Rain in our brand because it resembles the genius of creative power when aligning individual pieces in harmony to form unity and purpose in dynamic movement. The power you can harness is within the dynamic nature of your online community as they engage, share and grow your brand. This requires intentional planning, relentless pursuit of knowing your customer's passions, delivering exceptional personalized service and utilizing technologies to ensure you can scale to meet your growth.