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AEO - Answer Engine Optimization: Why voice search matters

2018 is the year that voice search will attain critical mass as giants Google and Amazon both roll out voice-controlled technology".  Is your business ready to [Fight] and win in the Answer Engine Optimization game?

Rebecca Sentance at Search Engine Watch states that "2018 is the year that voice search will attain critical mass as Google and Amazon both show that they are willing to put their full weight behind voice-controlled smart home hub technology".  Read Full Article by Rebecca at Search Engine Watch

This has created the need to understand how to rank your business for voice search in a new strategy called AEO - Answer Engine Optimization

So what does this mean for your Online Marketing Strategies and Business?

1. SEO now has a sibling named AEO [Answer Engine Optimization]

Just when you were getting your head around SEO, AEO is another skill you will need to deploy in your online business.  SEO has been the cornerstone in your organic search foundation to win competitive Keywords in Google and Bing search engines.  To win voice-activated search, you will need to understand the nuances of AEO.  Simply try an audio search on your smartphone using search words that are mission critical to your online community.  Yes. There is work to be done. 

2. AEO is important

The use of voice assistants is gaining ground at a significant pace. Just search google for any data on its growth and you will find alarming market acceptance and growth stats. Some experts predict that voice search is part of a 'voice revolution' and marketers will need to learn how to connect with their customers with voice-only channels.  On recent polls over 66% of users say that voice search makes using a smartphone easier.  To keep pace with how your customers connect and find your products and services you MUST pay attention to AEO.  The risk?  Your AEO savvy competitors will steal your customers.

3. AEO differs from SEO

According to Rebecca, she believes that the two "definitely overlap".  She continues to assure you that the SEO work you have done is not to be discarded. Both have similarities in their purpose and outcomes. However, according to Chee Lo, Head of SEO at Trustpilot, “SEO can be seen as a tactics-based approach, where you’re using specific tactics to improve your online presence,” he said. “AEO is more about the holistic vision.”

Your online marketing needs to continue to work on both SEO and AEO in order to see your brand win on the popular devices used by your customers.

Chee Lo summarizes, “starting to build for answer engine optimization is vital in order to survive in a world where voice will take a bigger part of the market.”